Friday, September 9, 2011

Our day at the zoo

This is the story that Aly wrote about our trip to the zoo. She also took the photo! She narrated the story and I typed it for her.

Tigers are Fun to Watch
By Aly Bouchard
 photo by Aly Bouchard

On Wednesday I went to the zoo. I actually saw tigers and they were wrestling, playing, chasing and biting!
The tigers were a momma and her baby. The momma chased a big can into the water. She bit onto it to see if it was really alive.
The baby came running out of the jungle. He jumped on his momma and he chased her. The baby was almost as big as his momma.
The tigers at the zoo are Sumatrin tigers. Sumatrin tigers in the wild are an endangered species and that means there are not many left which is sad for people like me who love tigers. I hope someone will save the tigers!

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