Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been really busy around here! We are rolling pretty good with Aly's school. Her math and reading were both way to easy so we are adapting and adding to and making things work. Tomorrow we are starting "Little House in the Big Woods" for reading. I am excited and hope that Aly enjoys it as much as I always have. She has also started gymnastics which she seems to really like.

This month we are studying pumpkins and Halloween. We have read about them, cooked things with pumpkin, and done lots of art projects. Here are some of them.
Pastel Pumpkin

She also planned and cooked dinner for us. She chose skillet chicken parmesan. It was really good and she did a good job.
Cooking dinner
We have also went to the zoo in Seattle and had a great time even though it was slightly wet.
Feeling foxy

Fun with friends-Anna
Looking forward to some more good times together, laughing, learning, and loving. :)
Dice Data