Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our day in pictures.

While we are waiting for the "official" first day of school and for our curriculum to get here we are doing some stuff on our own. Today was the first real day that we have had and it went great. I don't plan to do school on weekends but we needed something to do and most of it was great fun. She got a little bored with the handwriting but really liked everything else. We are doing a geography study of the states and are making a notebook full of lapbooks, one for each state. The first one we did was on the world and the continents so she would have a perspective on what a country is. We will also do some math pages and some language arts and of course some reading. Today we also did an experiment making our own rainbow and discovering how many colors you can get out of just the three basics; red, yellow, and blue. After we did our experiment we made snickerdoodles and she is now outside swimming since the clouds have departed and the sun has come back. :)

We improvised a little at the end of our experiment and blew bubbles in it to mix it all up.

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  1. Sounds like a great first day! My kids love food coloring. If I'd let them they would make all our food rainbow colored!

    Happy Homeschooling!